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  • Frecuencia:680 AM Boston
  • Teléfono:617-779-3400
  • Ciudad:Boston
  • Género:Talk
  • Dirección :20 Guest St. 3rd Floor Boston, MA 02135
  • Web:http://www.wrko.com/
WRKO (680 AM, The Talk Of Boston) is a radio station in Boston, Massachusetts, that serves the New England area.

WRKO, owned by Entercom Communications Corp., is the second most powerful radio station in the Boston area and features a News/Talk format.

Programming consists of local and nationally syndicated shows including The Rush Limbaugh Show and Coast to Coast AM. During the weekends, it airs syndicated shows shows The Doug Stephan Weekend Show (Saturday), Money Talk with Bob Brinker (Sarurday) and Unconventional Wisdom (Sunday).


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