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WMBR 88.1 FM

  • Frecuencia:88.1 FM Boston
  • Teléfono:617-253-8810
  • Ciudad:Cambridge
  • Género:College, Community
  • Dirección :3 Ames Street Cambridge, MA 02142
  • Web:http://www.wmbr.org/
WMBR (88.1 FM, First on your FM Dial) is the student-run radio station of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Massachusetts, that serves the Greater Boston area.

Like many college radio stations, WMBR offers diverse programming ranging from hip-hop to classical, punk rock to jazz, blues to celtic fiddle tunes. It also offers MIT students and community members to learn about music, radio engineering, audio production techniques, electrical engineering, acoustics, news reporting and how to manage a small business.


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